Social Distancing Signs was started in March 2020 by Matt Porter to help businesses and the general public by offering Social Distancing Signs for download.

In May 2020, we started offering physical distancing signs, banners, posters and stickers for purchase online in the UK.

In August 2020, we began rolling out our products Worldwide by partnering with printers in geographical territories. We have now launched in Ireland and are preparing to launch in the USA and Australia very soon.

We also plan to launch in Canada, Netherlands, Norway and France and are currently on the lookout for partners in those regions.

If you are a printing company who would like to work with us to produce our Social Distancing Signs, please get in touch to talk more!

About Social Distancing / Physical Distancing

Social Distancing or Physical Distancing is a proven method of reducing the transmission of contagious diseases.

Following the discovery of COVID-19 Coronavirus and the consequent pandemic, health experts and governments have advocated the introduction of Social Distancing to restrict the transmission of the virus to reduce the strain of healthcare systems throughout the world.

Social Distancing is the process of ensuring that human beings remain at a distance of between one and two metres (depending of government advice). This generally doesn’t include people living within the same household as they are likely to transmit the infection from their day to day social contact with each other. Instead, people living together are advised to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their faces.

At the beginning of the pandemic, my wife and I were discussing the need for the introduction of signs which was both familiar and easy to understand. These signs could be affixed to doors, within windows and community areas.

Using pre-existing signs standards, we came up with our first Social Distancing Save Lives sign.